Changelog 0.998 hotfixes

These changes were applied after most recent release, due to reports made privately on my Discord. Please redownload!

  • Removed blank pages 49-58. Fixing the page numbering in the remainder of the document (the numbers themselves were displaying the incorrect values).
  • Fixed issue that caused portions of the core to be hidden in certain e-readers. 
  • Fixed strange graphical issues with text falling off the page in certain playbooks.
  • File size was reduced from 21 mb to 9 mb.
  • Fixed the broken link in the Basics (page 8). Google performed a security update, which rolled out end of last year, that invalidated the link to the extra gameplay materials. The new link is the same, but longer (with added arguments), and actually doesn't link correctly in the PDF anymore - so the link in the text now takes you to the main itch page where the extra materials are always linked (and I can update it!).
  • Above fixes the incorrect pagination issue throughout the document, and repairs the page references too.

Please accept my apologies for the previously failed update. And enjoy!


Runners in the Shadows core.pdf 9 MB
Mar 06, 2022

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I think I may be going crazy, I still can't find a functional link that doesn't take me straight back to the old version of the PDF, am I being dozey?

No, you're right. See my comment below. A technical issue prevents the file from updating (fraggin Technos!) and this issue is sadly affecting All users. Awaiting support from itch.

Issue now appears to be fixed. Please try once more.

Technical issues with most recent upload. Support ticket started. Please stay tuned for details.