Core and Sheets v0.992 released

A huge update. 130 extra pages. The biggest changes are thus..

  • Reintegration of text from seven chapters! That is.. #s 4 (The Run), 5 (Downtime), 6 (Running the Game), 7 (Futurism), 8 (Strange Forces), 9 (Kingston), and 10 (Changing the Game).

  • Wreck and Prowl actions out, in favor of Scramble and Creep. These actions have a different overlap with Fight and one another, help differentiate the various "approaches" to these actions, and aims to align with the new lingo a bit.
  • The integration of the Kingston setting documents throughout the examples and Starting Situation.
  • Sheets PDF now includes details on certain items (the deck, drone, and military weapon in particular). Added sheets for all the integrated Kingston info.
  • Hacker and Rigger: no more cyberdecks or drones counting as cohorts. Instead, they are just items, and the playbooks each get abilities which offer new opportunities for these classic archetypes.
  • Seattle setting info branched into Extra Materials folder, find in custom links on the RitS product page, or at
  • Free black and white version now available as demo. 

Edit: The new version also marks the end of the price reduction to $5. However in applying the price restoration to $10 yesterday, I accidentally applied the pricing options incorrectly, temporarily removing some people's access. My fault! 

Fixed now (and if you purchased at a lower price, then YES you will have access to this higher priced version, with triple the page count)

What remains to be done:

  • PC Playbook detail (Characters)
  • Crew Playbook detail (Crew)
  • How to Play chapter
  • the detailed item descriptions (Futurism)
  • the prepared Kingston faction tracker sheet (there is a blank one included!)


Runners in the Shadows core.pdf 14 MB
Jul 11, 2020
Runners Sheets only 3 MB
Jul 11, 2020
Runners Sheets b+w.pdf 3 MB
Jul 12, 2020

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