v0.994 out & 25 Community Copies issued

The changelist for this new version, 0.994, includes 

  • the expanded detail for all 13 PC playbooks, including special abilities and items (please excuse placeholder blocks for the upcoming art).
  • the creations, gadgets, and special plans examples. See Futurism chapter.
  • the entire How to Play chapter, a bit revised to point at players more than GMs.
  • the missing parts of the Running the Game chapter, with added advice on how to scale things and deliver consequences appropriately.
  • plus a little love for the Rigger.. In Control got what I'd consider a buff, and their utility harness item override was renamed vehicular override to clarify its purpose - which got an accompanying description in the gadgets section mentioned above. What had happened was.. the In Control ability from last update wasn't different enough from Ace, and it seems only fitting that Riggers can do drone stuff while busy with other tasks, and even drop out of hot-sim momentarily to do stuff - so their first ability is revised to this to add some synergy:

Also, an additional 25 community copies have been generated by the gracious donations of fans like you over the past two months! While supplies last, you can claim a community copy on the main product page; these are given on a "first come, first serve" basis (click the image below to be brought straight there to check if any are left).

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