Community Copies for May 2021

Community copies just got released for May 2021 (one more and I am caught up!*). These copies were already bought and paid for by the tips of recent purchasers, and as a result, 13 community copies have once again been generated! (13 seems to be a lucky number)

While supplies last, anyone on Itch may claim a community copy on the main product page under the Rewards heading; these are given on a "first come, first serve" basis though - so (TELL A FRIEND!) if any are left you can go claim your copy now by clicking this image..

If you end up getting a copy, join the fam on Discord and say hello! Cheers!

Just in case you missed it, I will go ahead and remind you to check out Voyagers in the Dark, the new military sci-fi game I just released - it's also set in a high-tech fantasy version of our universe, too :) but its got starships and weird aliens! And community copies go out there as well! Click the banner below to have a look. The full game is under 20 pages and currently costs only $1 - this introductory price won't last, so get yours TODAY!

Voyagers in the Dark

cover image for Voyagers in the Dark

*June's community copies will go out in a couple weeks to help get me caught up.

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